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    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Plain Ol' Friday

    Just haven't posted this last week much, so I'm posting a general BLOG. Haven't done that for a while.

    All is well, still eating well, and made it through Easter with 100% faithfulness to myself and my new (old) WOE (way of eating). It was really pretty darn easy. I just don't want that stuff any more. It's poison to my body (yes, it is, Lisa! ;-) ), and it's just not worth it. Nothing tastes that good.

    I am down twelve pounds in just over a month, which is great! I will be losing much more in the coming months - watch me lose myself! Ok, just about 25% of myself....

    And it's funny how quickly my cravings have gone away altogether, and I now crave things like apples, and salads, and the thought of eating a Whopper with the bun makes me queasy. I had one french fry the other night, and it tasted like dirt.

    Greg is ever-sensitive, and immmediately apologizes each time he eats something "yummy" (to him), and let's an "Oh, GOD, that's good!" slip. I keep telling him, it's really OK, it doesn't bother me for him to say he enjoys whatever crap he's eating. Especially since I know how he's going to feel later on after he eats it. His body hates sugar, and one of these days I know he's going to decide to listen to his body instead of his mouth.

    Meanwhile, the house is FULL of Easter candy and goodies, sent home from you-know-where. They've polished off all but one piece of the 1/2 a cake that was sent home (save for one piece that Greg pouted about my threats to throw out), and the last two cupcakes the kids had yesterday. The candy gets thinned out every night, meaning the garbage can gets a nice helping. I didn't buy it and so have NO problems pitching it. The baskets we gave them had 90% other stuff and only a few candy treats. The kids will never miss what I pitch, but frankly I don't care if they do. I've told them they are NOT eating all the crap that came home, and they know I'm serious. And as long as they get to have some, that's really all they care about. I could care less about the candy, and I walk by it about 55 times a day. It has lost all appeal to me.

    I am battling headaches this week, which may be hormonal, but I'm getting to the outside of that time frame for the month, so that may not be it. I need to sit down and look at my food, and make sure something I'm eating isn't triggering it, although that seems almost impossible, since I am not eating anything known to be a headache trigger. More on that as I know about it.

    We are ready for SPRING, and SICK of the crappy weather. SICK of it, hear me? 39 and cloudy is NOT NICE WEATHER. No, it's not. Greg built us a garden shed, and I'd like to get out there and use it!

    Greg was just voted, by his peers, as Employee of the Month - for the FOURTH time in two and a half years. NOT a big surprise. Now when he goes for his review and raise in May, I hope they remember that. Maybe I'll call his boss and REMIND him.

    Looking forward to that rebate check...the IRS site says we should have ours in May, which will come in handy just before our Memorial Day travel plans!

    Oh, back to my body again - I cannot believe how fast my belly and my double chin have SHRUNK! My belly is STRANGELY smaller, certainly smaller than it's been in years. And my face looks less chubby all the time. Good stuff, folks, good stuff.

    Jackson is whining, because he is late for his nap. Better go take care of that and hit the treadmill. I promised one of my SB buddies that I'd work out today, and I'd hate to ler her down or have to lie. Especially since I suck at lying and always find myself blurting out the truth instead. So I'd better just do it!

    Hope all is well with you, and thanks for stopping. Oh, and just because I haven't gotten sick of saying it, SIGN UP for updates on my blog so you know when I post, OK? Thanks!!!

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    Deb said...

    I'm cheering you on over here. Can you hear me clapping? I think you need to post pictures of your Beach Journey so we can drool over your new svelte self with every pound you drop.

    Water? Regarding the headaches, are you drinking enough water? Dehydration or underhydration is probably the #1 cause of my migraines after hormones. Just checkin'.