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    Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    Has it been two weeks?

    Seems impossible that I haven't blogged since the 14th! Weird!

    All is well here, except for this spring cold we are all sharing. Hope it passes quickly!

    Today it's 70 outside at 2:00. So when Greg gets home we'll be venturing outside for yardwork and playing in the newly-barked play area with the swing set (OK, so we still have to move that), and maybe even a picnic outside. I am SO freaking stoked about having a nice, non-windy day.

    I'm down 21 pounds in 2+ months - hallelujah for South Beach, baby! It's all good, and I know the next 20 are going to come off if I do what I'm supposed to do, and that keeps me going. The new South Beach updated book came out, I want to get that and see what new discoveries Dr. A has made. Updates on that to come!

    Mrs M and I had a FABULOUS garage sale last weekend, and pulled in close to $600 in total! We kick ASS at garage sales, and hope to one again in the future. The hubbys both took each of our two kids and took care of them for the duration, so MAJOR kudos to Greg and to Mr M, you guys are the two best hubbies I know!

    Gotta go for now, but I wanted to post a short BLOG so you didn't think I fell of the planet! More later!

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    Jill said...

    21 pounds! That's fantastic!