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    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Moving Forward...Sans Office Supplies

    Or rather, sans NEW office supplies. I have enough office supplies in my office to last me until the second coming, which is what defeated my intent to raid Staples. Greg had just opened the bottom cupboard in my office and found my three piles of unused notebooks a mere two hours before I presented him with my stolen "go to Staples and then solve all my life problems" plan. So much for that!

    So I am forging ahead, new office supplies or not. I have drawn out my new "schedule-to-be", guaranteed to restructure and complete my life in a way I cannot fully comprehend, I am sure of it. I hope to have a working copy to plaster on the walls of my house soon. It details my daily needs, the house's daily needs, the kids' daily needs, and everything in between. I will possibly even be laminating it so I can use dry-erase markers to note my successes daily. But I don't have a laminator.

    I'll bet Staples has a laminator. Hmm.

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    McBung said...

    I have a laminator, you could come borrow it!