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    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Fast Food Strike

    Not a "strike" so much, we're not boycotting in protest or making some statement about fast food (or slow food, for that matter). We're just sick of bleeding money, eating out when we have six gazillion dollars in food in the cupboard/freezers, and in general wasting money because I am a big lazy ass. So for one month, we will eat out not-at-all. This has never been attempted in this house, although we generally do try to restrict ourselves to "x" number of times per week, or only weekends, etc. But somehow it always creeps back into being more often than it should be. So we decided to, for one month, put the kai-bosh (how DO you spell that word?) on it altogether.

    Except for Thursday. We had already agreed to go to Panda House (our fave chinese rest.) for Valentine's Day before the inception of "Operation No BurgerMcSonicKentuckyFriedRunzaTacoBellJohnsBuenoPapaMurphysJohnsPizzaHutArbysWendys" (is it me, or does that not flow too well? Hmmm...), and since the kids love going there as much as we do, and we already told SKC we were going, we will go. But other than that, it's ix-nay on the ast-fay ood-fay til mid-March. Details as they become available on how this affects our pocket book, the amount of garbage we produce, and my weight. Not that it should, because, you know, I'm a salad girl myself, whether at home or away, right?

    Ok, even I can't keep a straight face when I type that. But I'm really TRYING to become a salad girl, I swear!

    Hey, things are looking up. As I type, I can hear Greg upstairs, doing dishes. THAT is a good thing. I should go walk on the treadmill. Maybe I'll do just that. Except now Jackson is standing atop the stairs, BAWLING like he learned to whine from a pro (oh, wait - he did) and moaning "Mammmmaaaaaa, Mammmmmaaaaaa, Mammmmmaaaaa..." over and over. Whiner. These kids need to toughen up a little bit around here dammit. Life sucks, your mom's a bitch, and then you die, people. The sooner you figure it out, the happier you'll be.

    OK, I should stop now. I'm a little TOO grumpy. Back again soon, readers.

    Oh, and if you haven't already, sign the heck up to receive updates on my BLOG, please - I am SUCH a good asker that you have to give me what I want, right? Isn't that the rule around here? She says please so she gets whatever she wants? Right? OK?


    Crazy Momma said...

    Hey. I finally got time to read your blog. Baby you got it going on. I want your writing skills.

    Welcome to the fast food strike. You will be very surprised what happens in terms of your health and your general feeling at the end of the month.

    Move forth and eat good shit..hehehehe

    Deb said...

    What is UP with the whining? It is all Jacksons? Or is just all kids?