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    Thursday, February 7, 2008

    Back to Business

    I am serious, now. I am getting back to blogging more regularly. I am also getting back on my treadmill, and getting serious about getting this weight off. AND about getting my house in order. And I'm getting my paperwork filed/shredded/sorted because it is about to take over the house. And I need to get busy on garage sale stuff because Mrs M and I are selling EVERYTHING we own this spring, and whatever's left goes to Goodwill, period. TCB, as my dad used to say.

    That's "Takin' Care of Business", BTW, in case you don't know. Not "Titties Could be Bigger" or "Tomboys Can't Bake" or "Tasty Crusty Biscuits". Just wanted to clarify, y'know.

    Anyway, my fellow (and much more devoted to the craft) blogger Ashley (Click on her name to check her out), is mid-revelation about changes needed in her life, and is planning the purchase of absolutely necessary office supplies to enact said changes. A girl after my own heart. One who sees the value, the goodness, the fix-bringing of a good new notebook. And new pens. And folders and boxes to hold it all.

    And now I am motivated. Ash, you have given me new spark to, frankly, get off my ass, get busy, and get some shit done around here. After I go to Staples. Thank you, my fellow "not a supermom". Together, with our new office accoutrements, we will set things right. I just know it.

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    McBung said...

    While you're out, could you pick me up some of those Tasty Crusty Buscuits? Thanks!