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    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    Nice Ice

    We've got quite the ice storm brewing this morning...well, not brewing, more like already brewed. With any luck it's going to warm up enough to melt most of it off the trees before the wind picks up later today and rips all the branches off the trees. That happened here several years ago - not pretty. So, naturally my husband decided to go and work this morning! I just talked to him, and he is fine, and he's coming home soon, but I wish he'd have just stayed in today. I'll feel better when he's home, that's for sure.

    So no big shopping today, that's for sure! Stay home folks, it's slickery out there!

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    Kae said...

    Oh man, I used to love ice storms as a kid. It's quite different when your husband is out in the thick of it though. Hope he gets home safely - and when he does, get your adorable family out in the backyard for an icy picture for me, wuddya?