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    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    A Tragedy Brings Christmas... the sense it was meant to be. Kindness, love for fellow man, patience, an outpouring of love and friendship found in everyone we meet. THIS is what Christmas is supposed to be about.
    Someone sent this to me this today, thought I'd share it here...

    This is being passed around. All I know is that it's from "a friend of someone who works downtown". It brought a tear to my eye, and I had to pass it on.

    Dear Family and Friends,
    The Westroads Mall in Omaha re-opened today and, at 9 :00 a. m., I went there for my daily walk. Here is what I found:

    ....Mall administrators handing out candy canes at every outside entrance to the mall as they said "Thank you for coming today."
    ....Free coffee and cookies set-up in the food court and all servers saying, "Thank you for coming today".
    ....Many, many security guards were walking and milling around. I heard that they had come from all over the mid-west on their day off from another full-time job to provide comfort and reassurance.
    ....Every store/mall employee had a candy cane waiting for them when they arrived....tied to each candy cane was the note, "Thank you for coming to work and have a comforting, happy day".
    ....The two inside entrances from the mall to Von Maur had their gates down and the gates were covered with tasteful white drapes, but all lights were would have been very creepy if there had been no lights. Von Maur management had beautiful wreaths at each entrance with a tribute letter to Wednesday's victims. Many Red Cross volunteers had large tables set-up in front of the two mall entrances complete with lots of paper, crayons, pens, scissors, and tape for visitors to make snowflakes, with or without messages and tape on the gated entrances. The significance of the snowflakes was written in a is as fragile as a snowflake and can be taken away from us so quickly.
    ....Many, many stuffed animals, bouquets and tribute cards were being left at all entrances to Von Maur.
    ....Other Red Cross volunteers, who were not busy with the snowflakes, plus Salvation Army staff and grief counselors were milling around the crowds at the two Von Maur entrances. People knelt or stood in front of the entrances obviously saying a prayer, there were many tears, and many hugs between complete strangers.
    ....By the time I could finally tear myself away (a good hour after my walk), there were snowflakes being taped down the halls, the mall was packed, it was much quieter than normal, no one seemed in a hurry, and everyone seemed to greet passers by with at least a nod.

    I have shared with many of you the wonderful way we were treated by the people in three countries when we were in Europe during 9/11. Today I saw the same tenderness and compassion in the hearts of our fellow citizens in was touching and beautiful!

    God Bless the wonderful people of Omaha! ~ Pam

    Not sure who Pam is, but she's got it right. We are wonderful, and through this tragedy, we are showing the world just how much so.

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    Anonymous said...

    Isn't amazing what we humans can do for each other in times of need? If only we could be that way all the time.