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    Thursday, December 6, 2007

    Thoughts for the Day

    Been a while since I've rambled for you, and so this day seems as good as any, right?

    The Weather Outside is Frightful
    Getting lots of snow today. People often want to throw said snow at me because, well, frankly, since I became a SAHM, I don't mind the whole snow business much. I don't have to go out in it, I don't have to take my kids out in it, and so it bothers me very little. My mother is up-in-arms about snow, from the first flake's descent until she plants her garden in May. I am uncertain why - she knows it's going to snow, she knows we live in the Midwest, and this year the snow came MUCH later than most. But bless her heart, she just hates the stuff and makes sure everyone knows it. Regularly. Can't say as I blame her, though--if I was single, had to scoop my own walks, clean off my own vehicle and go to work in this, I'd probably hate it just as much. I hate the thought of her out there scooping. Makes me wish I could afford to contract somebody to do it for her for the season. Ahh, the things I'll buy when Greg finally hits Powerball...

    Saddest Story
    This mall shooting is awful. Not much else to say about it. Some things just suck. Westroads is still closed today, and Von Maur will be closed indefinitely last I heard. Can't imagine stepping foot in there any time soon anyway.

    Snot Any Fun
    Jackson has the runny nose that won't quit. He's fine otherwise, but this runny nose is just lingering on and on. I'm starting to wonder if it's an allergy. Although I've heard from more than one person's ped. that this stuff is hanging on forever, long after they are over the cold itself. Dandy.

    Gee, This Will Surprise You
    My office is a wreck. Not sure what happened, but it's getting cleaned today. Just took a short break from that particular fun activity to post a bit for you fine folks. Aren't I nice? Just say yes. And laundry, have having been defeated wholly last month, is now making a comeback. Time to get busy on that again, too.

    I DO Dream in Chocolate
    Lindt has these Lindor Truffles, right? You think the regular chocolate ones are good? Try the "White Chocolate with a Smooth Filling" ones.
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    Samantha loves them, too. In fact, she just swiped my last one. She said "I love those chocolate vanilla marbles. They fill 'em with milk and they are guuud..." When she's right, she's right. Oh, and in case you're wondering, they are NOT on the South Beach approved foods list. Yeah. See, what had happened was...

    In Conclusion
    ~Weather stinks but I don't mind
    ~People shooting people in my mall sucks and I DO mind
    ~I'm wiping a snotty nose till I'm losing my mind
    ~I am very good at putting housework out of my mind
    ~You can buy me all the Lindor White Chocolate Truffles you want, and I WON'T mind

    Back to housework...


    Deb said...

    I can send my husband over there with his snowblower if you'd like.

    What IS housework, btw?

    Anonymous said...

    I love those candies!!! My mom buys the assorted pack but always eats the white chocolate ones before I can get to them!


    Cristina said...

    SHAM made wonderful, Cathy :).