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    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    My Velveeta Boat

    Some have heard this story, but not all and I KNOW if you haven't, you're just DYING to!

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    Seriously, it's a boat made of Velveeta. It's no longer with us but the pictures remain. We'd had this block forever (unopened), and I didn't realize JUST how long it'd been in there till one night a couple of weeks ago ~ Greg saw that it expired two years ago. So needless to say we were not going to eat it, but I wanted to see what two-years-past-the-expiration-date-Velveeta looked like, so we opened it. Then I went to get SKC ready for bed.

    Meanwhile we had discussed earlier that I missed my favorite FN show "Ace of Cakes", where they make the really cool cakes that look like stuff. He felt bad that I missed it, so he said, "Here, honey, since you missed your show, I made you a Velveeta boat!" SO funny. Guess you had to be there, but trust me, it was funny...he does the funniest stuff just to see me smile, it's so sweet...

    When I told the story elsewhere, people expressed great disgust about the cheese. OK, so lemme explain about the cheese. It was unopened Velveeta, so it was in my pantry, way in the back. It doesn't need refrigeration before it's opened. It does keep for a long time, and we are NOT big Velveeta eaters, so that's why we had it so long. I think I originally bought it for a dip recipe, and then never made it, and it just kind of got buried. Greg was digging in the pantry and found it. I knew it was there, but just kept ingnoring it. OH, and the biggest reason I had bought it was b/c it came with a cheese-shaped container, so I wanted that!

    But it's not like we had some nasty-ass cheese laying around opened for two years, LOL. I'm not THAT gross. . .but don't look in my fridge, there is prolly some shit growing in there and then you'll call me a liar...

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    Anonymous said...

    That is SO adorable! I love those shows on the food network! I like the cake one but I also like the one where they have a theme and they have to make some crazy sculpture thing. I think it isn't fair when they have to move it from one table to the other. There have been times it was two tiny women and there is no way they could move that as easily as two regular men. I love that channel! I love your Velveeta boat. It could live forever in a museum. Velveeta is a very unique substance. =)