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    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    Just for the sake of talking...

    So apparently I have more to talk about than I thought. Shut up. I do NOT talk all the time IRL.

    Hmm, what else can I divulge? I am a HUGE laundry failure - how's THAT for a confession? I suck at it. I keep enough clothes washed to keep us clothed...most of the time. For a long time, Greg did a lot more laundry than I did, but I think he gave up on "helping" me, when he realized that mostly he was helping uh, nobody. He does his own work clothes, and I handle the rest. And by "handle" I mean ignore as much as possible and wash when necessary. Sad, isn't it. I should REALLY care more about laundry but A) we don't have anywhere to be most days anyway that we NEED to be spiffy for and 2) did I mention how much I HATE laundry? It's the most pointless, neverending, thankless, perpetual dirty job in the history of the world.

    But one of these days. One of these days I'm gonna catch up on it. If only for a moment, until Samantha spills strawberry milk on her shirt, or Jackson has a blow-out, or Greg comes home and sheds his work clothes...for one moment, I'll get it caught up. I just KNOW there's a floor in that laundry room. I'm sure of it. And then it'll start over'll pile up faster than I can wash it, it'll slip my mind for days at a time. The bedding will get changed. The towels will get used. And the hampers'll fill up. Until Greg quietly, knowingly and kindly asks "Do I have ANY clean socks?" And then I'll remember why I never bothered to "catch up" in the first place.

    Op - the dryer just stopped, I should go get those clothes out. Eh, maybe I'll just restart them...again...they could use one more "fluff"...

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