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    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    He's Like a Personal Secretary

    Except he doesn't like to type. Or talk on the phone. Or use the computer. Or file.

    But he's a reminder genius, I swear. He said to me tonight "You haven't blogged in, uh, FOREVER, dear."

    And he's right, by gum. So sorry I've been away. I've been suffering some major writer's block every time I sit down to blog, despite having random bloggish thoughts in my head at various stages of the day.

    Girl date went great, by the way - we had a good time, and hope to do it again soon. Mommies don't treat ourselves often enough.



    And there it is. Writer's block again. I have one in my head about the asshats I am forced to share the streets with every day on the way to and from preschool, but it's not coming together yet. Also the latest antics from my kids, but I can't remember the things I wanted to write about just now.

    Random thoughts:

    My ex-h is now on Facebook, and is friends of some mutual friends. That's closer than I ever wanted to be to him again. In my LIFE.

    Greg and I are starting the Dave Ramsey book this weekend. We are excited about the possibilities and will keep you posted.

    I am on the Beach, overall, and holding steady, but not losing much. Need to go back to P1 and clean out my system, as the bad carbs creep in all too easily and become to plentiful.

    I am caught up on laundry, nearly completely all the way. Miracle of miracles.

    TGPM02009 is not progressing well as of now. I have rearranged the boxes in my office several times and thought about starting on the filing, but that remains the extent of its progress. For now. But the time is coming.

    I just checked the hampers. I am now behind on laundry again.

    Greg's overtime is now cut entirely at work until pete-knows-when, and he may not even have 40 hours this week. Stay tuned for Cathy's Possible Fabulous Night Job cleaning offices or whatnot. Which is all well and good - all perfectly honest labor, but not how I'd really like to spend my evenings. We'll see if Dave Ramsey has a better plan.

    I am peckish and thinking about an apple with peanut butter. Except Greg accidentally bought fat-free PB, which has way more sugar and a funny consistency.

    I promise (no, really) to come up with some interesting content soon. I'm working on it, I swear. Aimee's birthday is coming up and I suspect that will be a difficult time for me, frought with all sorts of feelings I don't care to revisit but will have no choice but to do just that. Surely I will blog about that, because I choose to believe she can see what I write and it helps me move through those feelings.

    That apple is calling to me. But I promise to come back in less than two weeks this time. And with good stuff, too. So stick around, OK? Thanks.


    Missives From Suburbia said...

    He doesn't even use Facebook! What kind of personal assistant is THAT?

    Anonymous said...

    Hey. As I'm reading this, I'm getting letters from Anna. Either she's reading them or making them up, but I'd have to guess the former.

    My random comment for you? I have a religious calendar we got free from church this year. I put it up b/c I can read the numbers from the couch. I couldn't do that with the other free calendar we had. But it's all pictures of churches, and Sundays are twice as large as any other day of the week.

    And I'm so tired I can barely see straight, and I have no idea why. Maybe my husband poked me in my sleep last night.

    And it makes me want to cry every time I know what a huge hole Aimee left in your heart. I have a friend who dresses her daughter in pink once a week for a friend who passed. I don't want to overstep, but have you thought about something you can do for your heart?

    Hugs to you, always.

    -Kathy S.