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    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Can I just say... incredibly lousy I feel today? Nauseous, sleepy, grumpy, like I just want to go bed for a week.

    Apparently the stomach flu is creeping up on me.

    And it had BETTER be the stomach flu. That is all for now.

    How's THAT for interesting content.


    UPDATE: Seemingly it is some sort of bug. Some sort of bug that not only makes me feel like crapy, but also makes my period four days late. I know this because my happy little Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test told me I am, and I quote, "Not Pregnant" this very afternoon. I believe it, because in my only two pregnancies, the sticks on which I peed were practically jumping up in the air screaming "You're KNOCKED UP, lady, you're KNOCKED UP!!!" before I even got the cap back on. (That is a slight exaggeration. But only slight.)

    SO, after a morning of slight trepidation regarding the aforementioned symptoms which seem to be, and yet are not, pregnancy symptoms, I am now relaxed and unconcerned. Why? Because my friend Mrs R has reminded me that I will now GET said period simply because I took the test. It's that old addage, you know - sometimes you have to pee on a $6.00 stick to get your period. Or whatever.


    Jill said...

    I hope you feel better soon sweetie!

    Amanda said...

    I got several negatives before the never know! HA! :)

    Crazy Mom said...

    Haha just made my morning. I am glad your 6 dollar pee stick gave you the right answer and I hope the bitch picks a better time to come for a visit..