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    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    Wanna See A Trick? I Can Pat My Own Back!

    So I was looking for an old entry on here, and got to reading some of my own stuff, mostly from last year. And something occured to me.

    I am one funny bitch! I am witty, fairly insightful, and I am oft-times GENIUS in my phrasing. If you haven't read my old stuff, you should check it out!

    Except for I SERIOUSLY use the word "seriously" too much. Seriously. But no one's perfect, right?

    Gotta hit the sack, folks - bedtime has long since come and gone, and Samantha woke up at 1AM with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I have a feeling tomorrow's play date may not happen if she is still feeling this crappy tomorrow (B, I'll call you if that's the case, ASAP).

    So off to bed, to dream up new sassy, spunky, hot blogs just for all of you. Check back soon!


    Kae said...

    Seriously, you're JUST realizing this? (I threw in that seriously just for you ;-) Have my compliments fallen on deaf ears? You ARE one funny bitch - and I've always found you to be witty, insightful and oft-times genius in your phrasing. This is NOT news to me. But there again - funny to read as always. ;-)

    Keep it coming you brilliant comedian!

    Deb said...

    I don't have to reach your archives to know all that about you. (But I have.) You're one of the funniest people I know.