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    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    VD Update

    Happy VD! Ha ha, as though VD would make anyone happy. Such a fun pun for the holiday of love.

    I haven't written for shit lately. I know. Not sure why.

    I know one thing - I got rid of that stupid Cachtcha (sp?) thing, and almost immediately starting getting big stupid spam comments left on some old posts. That took care of that shit, I'm not dealing with that. Sorry to those who hate the stupid letters (which I hate too, I know your pain).

    Oh, and my dog has Dogzheimer's. Just an FYI. He often freezes where he is and refuses to move for long periods of time, seemingly forgetting how to walk. His nails are freshly cut, so it's not that whole "hates to walk on hard floors with long nails" thing. It was just through the hallway at first, he'd stay in the bedrooms and stand at the doorways whimpering. But now this morning he sat on my tiny kitchen rug and refused to move off of it despite bribes for the longest time. Finally a chicken-chip temptation won him over. Poor ole boy.

    Celebrating VD with the fam, heart-shaped pancakes and sausages, off to do a little shopping in this ROTTEN weather, and then home for some snuggling with the hubby later, with any luck.

    Hope your loved onesa are extra sweet to you today.

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