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    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Belated Updated

    It's been too long since I've posted, yes?

    Sorry about that.

    Uh, update here...snow. More fracking snow. This morning I spent an hour stranded on a residential street after I dropped Samantha off. Greg came and dug me out, bless his heart, and we promptly stopped and picked our girl back UP again, and brought her home, lest we be forced to suffer the same nightmare at 4:00 and force me to strangle someone in the street. It's a snow day here, no matter WHAT our school district thinks. I won't second-guess my instincts about THAT again.

    In a related matter, we may be trading in the van for an SUV soon.

    What else? Uh, back on the beach, doing fine, down about 12 since January. Nice. Only 1409 more to go. Ha ha. OK, not quite that much.

    It's still snowing, did I mention that? Yeah, yeah, I suppose I did. Freakin' groundhog.

    Been reading again lately, mostly King, but I picked up some books at the Dollar Tree and at Garden Ridge that look promising. Details to come if they're worth sharing. Or not. I'm pretty fickle about my blogs that are promised to come.

    That is all. All is white and cold and fine as a fiddle. Aren't you glad I posted? Yeah, me too.

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    Missives From Suburbia said...

    LOL! Ditch the ads. It's not worth posting if you don't feel like it. That said, the news about the big 12 is awesome! Congratulations!!!

    Eff the groundhog.