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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    TGPMo2008: Phase One Completed

    It has begun.

    All boxes have been brought together. From everywhere in the house. All boxes have been searched and gone through. All shreddables have been removed and boxed together. All recyclable papers are in the green bin. All "other stuff" is in a box of its own. It was a long process, but fruitful and it felt good to accomplish that leg of the movement. Greg even joined in (after helping carry boxes, even) and shredded two garbage bags full. Remind me to tell you about the shreds, by the way.

    Now the painful Phase Two can begin. The process of creating and editing the actual files, and then sorting and filing, piece by piece, each item that needs a home. THIS will be the tedius, awful, not-fun portion of the event.

    I do not look forward to it.


    Amanda said...

    OH, no fun, but it will feel sooooooo amazing to have it all done! Sleepover to celebrate! ;)

    Jill said...

    I just did something similar on Sunday in my laundry room. It totally sucked but I sure love walking into my laundry room and seeing it clean!

    Good for you guys!