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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Like A Little Post-Dated Shredded Cookie Fortune

    " as little as ten seconds..."

    How true, how true. It's the first piece of shred Greg picked up when it was all over.

    Greg had spent the afternoon shredding documents, bless his heart, as part of TGPMo2008 (what a team player), and it was time for dinner. We considered pizza, and had popped down to the computer to check out our favorite pizza joint's specials. Were down there almost no time at all. Suddenly, Samantha appeared before us, with a hesitant smile, and informed us they'd been "playing with those little papers Daddy made". In that moment, we knew the fate awaiting us 12 feet above our heads.

    We ascended the stairs. We rounded the corner into the kitchen. We saw the damage done.


    After much gasping, Greg and I raced one another around the corner from the kitchen into the laugh our ever-loving asses off. Imagine how much FUN that must have been, and how much we, as kids, would have been rubbbing out butts for hours when OUR parents came up the stairs.

    So we had them get their little-kid broom and mop, and we cleaned it up together.


    (What the HELL is on my dustpan? OH, yeah, the LAST mess Jackson made, but that's another story...)


    Funny kids. Troublemakers for sure, but still funny. And cute - even with credit card statement shreds in their hair and on their clothes.




    herself75 said...

    looks like it must have been fun! I suggest you not leave them home alone when they are teenagers....

    Amanda said...

    How precious...really...they're already their own kind of fun trouble! Totally the right way to handle that, Mama! :) Love you!

    Nicole said...

    Kudos to you. I don't think I could have contained my laughter.

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    How could they resist, right?