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    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    I'm 'Bout to Git Political on your Shizzle

    So here 'diz, homeys, I'ma 'bout ta break it down fuh y'all. I'ma bust out my best break down of the election shizzle that's 'bout to go down up in here, and what cho ass needs to git up and go do. Word.

    Ok, sorry, that's all of that kind of talk I can do without getting a headache. I know that makes me old, but whatever.

    My good friend Deb asked me to do something. And when Deb asks me to do something, I do it, if at all possible. She is my go-to girl for nearly everything, and never asks for anything in return, so when I can do something she asks me to do, I'm there. She asked me to pass this on, so I will.

    Let's face it, there are no candidates running for President and VP who are free from any scuttlebutt, whether you believe it or not, that's up to you, whatever. There are no perfect candidates, no perfect parties, and no one that I can see most people jumping up and down about, regardless of your party affiliation, and nobody's disputing that. (If you want to dispute that, do it someplace else and take your kool-aid with you.) Nothing is perfect. Not in life, not in fast-food, and certainly not in elections in the crazy world we live in. Both candidates have shortcomings, and you can (and should) find out what those are, along with their strengths, beliefs and policies. And even then you may find that none of them will end up being exactly what you had in mind.

    But vote anyway. Get the facts as best you can, figure out which candidate you can most confidently back while still sleeping at night, and get your butt out there and vote when the day comes.

    At least watch the video. Just watch it. Watch it, even if it's just to see how freaking white Forest Whitaker's teeth are. Dude has some SERIOUSLY white teeth. Looks good, though, not like Ross' teeth on that episode of Friends where he looks like a glow worm. Forest's teeth look good. Almost to the point of distration, though. I mean, like, he's obviously had the GOOD whitening job done at the dentist, not that Crest shit.

    Sorry. Fell off the train of thought. Those teeth, man.

    Back to the topic. Get registered and vote. Just get on it. You're running out of time. But watch this video full of shiny, happy people who want you to vote, too. How can you say no to "Rachel" and "Monica" from Friends? To Dustin Hoffman? You're gonna say no to "Rainman"? And Sarah Silverman? My god, she'll probably come to your house and poop on you if you tell her no!

    So really, just watch the video, get registered, and vote. If nothing else it gives you full license to bitch when it all goes further down the toilet in the years to come, either because your guy did, or did NOT, get elected. It's a win-win, really. For you, anyway.

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    Missives From Suburbia said...

    Amen to the "no candidate is perfect" bit, and you're so right about Sarah Silverman. Her and her poop? The only reason I'm really going out to vote on November 4th. Really.