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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Random Ramblings Again...

    So I started a previous post on August 2 (apparently) and published tonight, and it stuck it down read below the post below THIS one and you'll see it..."rollercoaster"...

    We met Lawson tonight, he is the new baby of our friends and he is ADORABLE. So cute, and so little (not THAT little, but in comparison to Chubbo over here, you know what I mean...), and we had dinner together and the big kids got to play and have a blast. Samantha is PASSED OUT, and Jackson didn't make it home, he crashed about 4 blocks after we left. So THANKS to Lawson's family for a GREAT time tonight, we had a REALLY fun night! Let's do it again soon!

    This rain is nuts around here. It didn't rain for crap for weeks and weeks, and now it won't stop! The lawn looks great, which is great, but it's tough to MOW it when it won't stop raining! Oh, well, in three months I'll be bitching about the snow, so I guess I'll take the rain and shut up about it.

    I should be in bed but I haven't blogged for so long that I wanted to touch base and let everyone know I am NOT giving up on the BLOG, just REALLY busy. The "help" I was supposed to have last week turned out to be, uh NOT much help, but I am trying to make better use of my time, "help" in-house or not. Too much to do for me to NOT get some stuff done every day.

    Tonight is the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death? Guess I knew that, but don't think much about it either way. I was three when he died. I have just small memory glimpses of my mom being upset and cutting the newspaper clipping out. We still have it somewhere in a photo album. Maybe I don't remember it, but I have seen the clipping so many times that I THINK I remember it. But I swear I remember the livingroom in the basement of our house I grew up in, and the sun was shining in, and mom was crying b/c he was dead. Weird.

    Looking forward to our upcoming trip to Iowa, and it'll be here SOON! To my dear friend the bride...keep breathing, dear, and remember what we talked about when it was NOT two weeks away: DO NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. If it won't matter in five years, don't let it stress you out. I wish I had taken my own advice when I got married. Both times. But especially the second time - I mostly could give a fat crap about what happened the first time around. Gross. Just got a shiver thinking about that. It is my lifetime "What were you THINKING???" moment, the whole four years! The divorce was the best (and most expensive) thing EX-H ever gave me. Thank GOD for small favors.

    Well THAT was a nice little birdwalk, wasn't it? Anyway, just a virtual-hug from me to you, and remember that in a month, it'll all be over. And you'll be Mrs McB. Lovin' me now, arent' cha?

    Let's see, what else? Anyone come up with a real children's book publisher yet? No? Yeah, me neither. LOTS of "let us publish your book for the low, low price of..." stuff online, but I'm pretty sure they're supposed to pay me, and NOT the other way around. Unless of course the children's book sucks. Then I'm screwed. But I don't think it does.

    Not much new going on, otherwise, other than the HUGE list of things I have to get done. Tomorrow is "birthday cake day". Gotta get that worked out. Time is running out!

    I'll post again ASAP, but the next few days are hectic, so bear with me, drop me a line, and I'll be back on soon! MWAH.

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    Deb said...

    "Do not sweat the small stuff" are words of wisdom for raising children, too. Make sure you tell the bride that on her wedding day. ;)