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    Wednesday, June 6, 2007

    Think We Eat Out Much?

    We've gotten a LOT better in the last year, but seriously...

    Samantha and I were having one of our educational moments today, as we try to do every day, and we were talking about the names of our daily meals.

    I asked her "Samantha, what do we eat in the morning? What is that meal called?"

    With some "brrrr" phonetic prompting, she came up with "Um...breakfast!".

    Then I asked "OK, what do we eat in the middle of the day, while Jackson is having his nap?"

    "Lunch!" she piped up, now getting the point of the exercise.

    "Ok, and at night, when Daddy comes home and eats with us, what do we eat then?"

    Without missing a beat she replied..."McDonalds!".

    Oy. We seriously don't eat McDonald's THAT often...usually...I would have been LESS surprised if she'd have said "Sonic"...Momma's been lovin' her some Extra Long Chilli Cheese Coney Dogs lately...

    We really do try not to eat out during the week, but apparently we're failing miserably at having our kids NOT think we eat OUT for supper every night. We ate at home tonight, I swear, I made Salisbury Steak!


    Deb said...

    Ha! Love it! Good luck with Jackson tonight. I think there's something about that name that makes kids not sleep.

    Kathy S. said...

    Ok, that's hilarious. At least it was in the privacy of your own home!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh don't be too hard....what kid doesn't love McDonalds. Maybe she was giving you a hint for that