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    Thursday, June 7, 2007

    Jackson In His Room

    This is proving to be less fun than I even imagined it would be. Co-sleeping part time, and in the pack-n-play next to the bed part time is all well and good, but the long-term sleep deprivation caused by him wanting the boob every couple of hours is getting to be too much. So I decided that rather than wait longer and have him get MORE attached, we're trying him in his room tonight to see if he does better just not being in the room with me.

    So far, he's been up twice and it's only midnight. And I'm hoping he's down now for a few hours, he had a big drink and should be good and tired, for pete's sake!

    We're not CIO kind of people, so I go in every time he cries, and pick him up if need be, and some may say that "makes it worse" - I understand your position. Feel free to let your kids scream till their eyes pop out and they vomit in their bed. No thanks for me, though. We've tried it with him. He got so upset he was sick; shaking and gagging and screaming bloody murder. Just don't have it in me to watch my kid be in THAT much distress just because he wants me. He's not old enough to have alterior motives or be devious in his want for me. He just knows he needs his Momma, he's not used to that bed yet, and until he feels OK to sleep all night in his own bed, I'll be hauling my butt up and down the stairs to go comfort him. It's one of the sacrifices of parenting IMO. Not crazy about it, wish he'd just go the hell to sleep and sleep (my first internal, non-spoken "why can't you be more like your sister" came from this topic, ha ha), but in time he will. Meanwhile, I am not looking forward to the next few nights.

    I need to read some more from my "No-Cry Sleep Solution" book - it worked well with Samantha and I'm trying to use it with Jackson. Haven't read enough yet tonight, though, obviously...he cried for a few minutes until he got tired because he wouldn't even lay on my lap when we started. So I did lay him down. Once he figured out it was lay in Mom's lap in the rocker or go in his bed, he was ready to quiet down.

    So that's my rambling on Jackson's non-sleep habits. Pray that he gets as tired as I am one of these days and decides that sleeping on his own isn't so bad. I know I am.


    Crazy Momma said...

    I hope Jackson learns to sleep well for you deary...I did CIO but I never let Tate get to the point that he was angry...just pissed off..He was easy to calm when I picked him up or patted his bottom. Good luck and I will send good sleep vibes to you..

    Rayann said...

    Hey, I can relate! Baby Sam cosleeps, and I'm fine w/ it...occasionally I put him in his crib, and he does fine for a few hours, but I'm definitely not about to let him CIO...he's a baby after all, and I'm pleased that he likes me even though I know nothing about babies....