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    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    No More Ads

    After several years of having the BlogHer ads on my side panel and complying with their specific rules about where and how and what to do with their ad panel, I decided to let it go. I stopped posting so they'd pull their ad, and I would likely not have been posting much anyway. But the rule is you have to post regularly to keep their ad panel up and running, and I haven't been, so they took it down, and I was ready to let it go. It's designed to generate income for the blogger, but for whatever reason it never earned me income. In fact, I'm pretty sure I got ONE $18 check in about 5 years' time. And I like having complete control back from my blog, frankly, and would be reticent to take on those kinds of ads again. And now I can review any product I want, if I want to, and nobody can tell me I can't.  (That was another of their rules that I didn't like, but tolerated for long enough.)

    Updates for Cathy:

    Making cake truffles. Lots of them. Folks like them, I like making them. Considering incorporating, but we'll see. Strangely enough, folks want money for stuff like that, but the tradename I want is PERFECTO for me and I cannot wait to share it with you. My attorney is checking availability this week and we'll see what we'll see when we see.

    My side still hurts. I've had every test, up to and including exploratory surgery, to figure out why. Still don't know why. I am in the process of a high-dose vitamin D treatment plan as I am drastically low, below normal healthy levels, so we'll see what that brings.

    Today is my 8th wedding anniversary. Greg and I were married in our hometown, surrounded by our loved ones, EXACTLY 8 years ago. Actually, right now we were probably standing in the receiving line. Beautiful, beautiful day it was, in every way. Never been sorry. I love you Greg, in ways that I never knew existed. I hope the next year blows this past year out of the water for us, but I know even if it doesn't, we'll muddle through together, and I'll be glad you're by my side while we go. No road too long.

    Jackson is four and a half, Samantha just turned seven. They are growing so very, very fast, and the days seem to fly by. They continue to amaze and delight me with who they are and who they are becoming, and I smile in my heart when they say "You're the best mom EVER!" (I even try to smile when Sam tells me "It  must be AWESOME to have a mom like {insert another kids' mom's name here}..." Thanks, kid.) How I got so lucky to have two healthy, smart, fun, beautiful kids who also happen to usually think I hung the moon despite my many, many faults, I'll never know. But I'm not complaining.

    I fell this morning in the shower, hit my left side on the tub going down. So, much sitting and little else is in my future for the next few days, as I'm pretty sure I cracked at least one rib. As in, I HEARD an audible "CRACK" when I hit the tub. Dear sweet baby jesus, this hurts!

    I miss blogging and plan to return soon, and hope you'll return to reading. It's good for me, and I need more things that are good for me. Don't we all? Yes, we do.