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    Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    Holiday Greetings

    Nothing particularly fancy, dear reader.  Just me, telling you, from my heart, that I hope your holidays are joyous, peaceful and filled with love and family and all of your favorite things.

    I'll be ending my 2010 by going under the knife, for an exploratory laparascopy, in hopes of finding what's been causing me pain for the better part of the year.  Cross a finger or two, and send up a prayer for me, wouldja?  I hope 2011 is as full of solutions and relief as 2010 was of pain and unanswered questions. 

    I need to sleep, and I need to finish up my baking.  I'll do the former first and the latter tomorrow.  Hopefully back to write more before the year gets away altogether.

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