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    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Who Knew They Were THAT Good?

    So I'm really enjoying the cake truffles thing. Really, really. Even printed up some business cards because, well, folks are asking for them! The latest venture has been whipping some up and donating them to the bake sale taking place tonight at our son's preschool; it's part of the annual fundraiser night going on tonight. Fun stuff, yes?

    I dropped them off this morning and got busy with my duties working on decorations. I left to go have balloon centerpieces made while some other moms stayed behind to put the students' art work up on the walls. They left about 10:30 and feel sure that all three plates of cake truffles were still there on the table with all the other goodies; on the table clearly marked Bake SALE.

    I returned shortly after 11:00, balloons in-hand, and glanced at the bake sale table as I entered the room and noticed

    What the...?

    One of the plates of cake truffles seemed to be, uh, GONE.

    I doubled checked with staff that nobody had bought them, and that no money had been left anywhere. That means someone just took them. Just thought to themselves "Hey, I'd like a cake truffle or twelve, and these are just sitting here, right? Surely it's fine if I just grab those and go, yes?"

    That's a special kind of asshole right there, dear reader.

    During that time of day, there are not really many parents in the building, it's mid-class time, so I was doubting someone had pre-bought them as a parent might do. There are, however, groups not affiliated with the preschool who use different rooms close to the gym. Today, there were a couple different groups of, in this case, snoopy, pudgy, old women...women who were, by the way, nosing around my cake truffles when I brought them in earlier in the day. REALLY nosing around.

    So what does that leave us thinking? I'll tell you what: that some crazy old bat stole cake truffles from my kid's preschool. Wow.

    Further proof that being in a church no more makes you a good person than sitting in a garage makes you a car.

    I hope whoever stole them, immediately sat down and snarfed them all down...and discovered what happens when you eat the equivalent of about 3 pieces of cake with candy on them. Happy shitting, you freak.

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    Daily Dose of Dahl said...

    Just found your blog and I love it.

    About the missing plate of cake truffles? It takes a special kind of jerk to steal a plate of cake truffles from a church preschool bake sale. I'd keep an eye out for news stories about someone being struck by lightening. I would find it brilliantly ironic if said person was, say, sitting on the toilet suffering the effects of eating a plate of stolen cake. But then, I'm vengeful like that.