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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Looking To The Future

    On the way to school this morning, we drove through our downtown area, and Samantha was reading business signs and asking questions.

    Samantha: What's that one say, Mommy?

    Me: It says "The M------ Bar".

    Samantha: Mommy, could you take me to the M-------- Bar someday?"

    Me: No, honey, bars are not places for kids.

    Samantha: NO, Mommy, I mean SOMEDAY can you take me there!

    Me: Oh, well...yes, OK, when you turn 21, I'll take you there and buy you a drink, how's that sound?

    Samantha: OK...Mommy?

    Me: Yes?

    Samantha: Do they have lemonade there?

    Me: (smiling) Yes, baby, I'll bet they do.

    Samantha: Good!

    1 comment:

    Deb said...

    Ahhh... she and I have similar taste in cocktails.