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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    The Kids Are On A Roll Today

    {Lunch time, our house.}

    Me: Are you done eating?

    Jackson: Yep, I am done eedin'!

    Me: Ok! So, let's -- hey, take your foot off the table, please.

    Jackson: No.

    Me: {moving closer and making eye contact} Jackson, it's not OK to tell me no when I ask you to do something you need to do. Do you understand?

    Jackson: OK, Mommy. But I weewee DOOOOO want my foot up on 'da teebowl!

    Me: Tough crackers, get it off of there.

    Jackson: OK, Mommy. {removes foot} Mommy?

    Me: Yes?

    Jackson: What does 'no' mean?

    Me: Well, you know, it means, no... {Jackson looks on, waiting for a real answer}... uh, OK. If I have...uh, a cookie and you say "Can I have that cookie?", and I say "No", what does that mean: that you CAN have the cookie, or that you CAN'T have it?

    Jackson: Dat I CAN'T have dat cookie.

    Me: Right! So you do know what 'no' means, honey!

    Jackson: {after careful thought and now sporting a crinkled, lowered brow} But Mommy, I weewee DO want dat cookie!

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