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    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Who I Voted For Is My Business

    And I went out and took care of business this morning.

    Who you vote for is YOUR business. So make sure you mind your business today. It feels good, and Starbucks will give you free coffee if you do.

    I had mine, with a little cream, sugar, and cinnamon; and the sweet taste of satisfaction that comes from doing the right thing, along with a sprinkle of pride at how perfectly my kids behaved while we went and participated in such an historic day in our nation's history. They really were perfect, I was practically giddy when we left. Even Samantha the Wondermouth managed to stand there the ENTIRE time without speaking to voters or poll workers. It was more surprising than the mere 1 minute wait!

    We all got "I Voted Today" stickers, and Samantha is wearing her pink and silver "FUTURE PRESIDENT" t-shirt today. Very fitting - if any girl can grow up to be president, it'll be her. Jackson would gladly run as her VP, I'm sure. Anywhere she goes, he wants to follow.

    OK, enough Election Day rambling, it's time to get Samantha to school. So, I'm giving one more reminder, despite my certainty that you've heard it enough and may have already done the good deed: GO and VOTE! The longer you wait, the longer the line will be, I'm guessing.

    Oh, and one more favor to ask - leave a comment after you vote! Samantha was wondering who else was voting today, so let me know and I'll pass it along to your future leader! Happy Election Day!


    mary n said...

    Emil and I voted today. We only had a 20 minute wait. Daddy, on the other hand, had a 1hr wait before work to vote. This was his first time so he was really proud.

    Amanda said...

    We voted, Samantha! :) Caroline was great, too! We had NO wait, either! Seriously, and I was so prepared...books, chocolate, water! :) I miss you, S! AND C! :)

    Missives From Suburbia said...

    We voted!!

    Kae said...

    I'm late with my comment - but Kerry and I voted. God bless mail voting in Oregon. We mailed our ballots in a week early after reading up on all of the measures for 3 hours the previous sunday. Sheesh!