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    Sunday, June 15, 2008


    Ugh. Sometimes I think the END of period hormones are worse than the pre- and during period hormones, because I'm bitchy tonight and it's just the way it is.

    Looooooong weekend. And not at ALL what I had wanted for Greg for Father's Day weekend. Poor guy. He really got hosed.

    Saw the ILs and stayed at their house. The dogs tear up their yard, so we get to feel bad about that and spend our weekend rebuilding flower beds fourteen times so that's always a nice time, too...

    Fun, fun compared to root canal and toenail surgery performed simultaneously.

    On a completely different subject, it's come to my attention that a good friend of mine might be moving farther away than I ever dreamt; certainly farther than we'll ever be able to afford to go and visit. I am ECSTATIC for her and her family, and it will be an incredible, exciting, awesome experience for them (if it happens, which is likely). But my heart is sad, and I hesitate to admit I cried a little when I found out. The selfish, needy (and almost certainly unattractive) part of me had secret-if-unfounded hopes that someday they would all move CLOSER, not farther away from us. I am so blessed by her, and her friendship, and while I know it will continue as it always has, the idea of such great distance makes me sigh and get misty, no matter how freaking SWEET I know it is for their family and how excited I am for the potential opportunity. Boo for the whiny childish part of me that steals my joy when I want to be happy for my friend.

    Enough whining about that, I need to knock that off. I am tired, and have done NO unpacking, and have LOTS to do. Not that there are any things that I feel like doing. Except eating. I DO feel like eating, though. Think I won't, but I sure feel like doing it. Ok, I'm whining about food now, move on Cathy...

    And I need to be turning up the thermostat, it's like a freaking igloo in here.

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers I love, and especially to my dear, sweet husband Greg. You are more special than you will ever know, and the ones who can't see that don't matter. They just don't. You are the best man I know, and always have been. The best thing I ever did for our kids is have them with you. Never ever forget that.

    Gotta go hug my hubby and kids. That's the best medicine.

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