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    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Mid-January Babble and Other Such Nonsense

    Hey all, I know I've been absent these last few weeks, but the storm known as "holidays followed immediately by Samantha's birthday" is now over, so hopefully my life (and my computer time) will get back to normal, with some much-needed changes.

    For instance, "normal" needs to include walking on the damned treadmill every day. No bitching, no whining, no excuses, just plop your plump ass up on it and WALK. Nothing simpler than walking, right? So that's my FIRST needed change.

    "Normal" also needs to include more blogging, on more varied topics, for you, but also for me. It's good for my brain, keeps me from getting MushyBrain Syndrome, which is what happens when you practice ABC's and numbers and answer questions like "What does the clock say?", "Do I have blood in me? Do you have blood in you?", "I don't want to grow up - why do I have to grow up?". Simple, basic, essential questions (to the asker for sure), but none that challenge my brain, none that "work out the muscle between my ears", so to speak. So I need to challenge ME on a regular basis. I also need to do some word puzzles or some shit, because my vocabulary is going down the drain FAST. Occupational hazard for SAHMs, I suppose. The parts of my day when I'm not participating in conversation with the 4-year old, I'm teaching the 1-year old how to talk, which involves repetitive use of words like "potty", "snack", "drink", "mama" and "dada", but nothing much more complicated than that. Again, crucial for child, mind-numbing for Mom...Buuuuut, I do get a major adrenaline rush when my kid, either one, masters a new skill, no matter how simple or small. THAT does truly thrill me, and charges my brain with lots of neuron surges when I consider the possibilities for them. Surely mine are the most brilliant ones ever, destined to change the world! Anyway, to end this ramble, suffice it to say, I need to give my brain more food.

    Also included in the new Normal is better food choices, ALL THE TIME. No need to rehash this, is there? We all know what kind of food I should eat, what we all should eat, and I need to do that. Consistently. It's more and more of a health issue than a weight issue as I get older. And since I "get" to turn THIRTY-FIVE this year, I'd better start taking care of my body or I KNOW I'll be sorry.

    I guess this is basically a resolution list, this "normal" discussion. Housework, laundry, spending time with my husband outside of parenting, eating out less, cooking good meals more, spending less, working on the house, finishing the landscaping, and about 12 other things - these are all things that I need to work on this year. 2008 will be a busy one, no doubt. But what year has been any other way? None I can remember!

    So stick around, because the blogs will be coming and you won't want to miss it! By the way, the best way to NOT miss it is to subscribe to my blog. It's up on the top there, on the right...seriously not a spam trap or anything that's going to load spyware on your computer. It's just a chance for you to not miss one single post of mine, and to boost my cute little ego all at once by letting me know you love me!

    Oh, by the way, Samantha says "Hi!" to everyone on Mommy's blog! Here is her version of typing "Hi": qaaaaaaaaaa s 2222';g hhhhhhhhhhhhhhht

    Like I said ~ genius, right? I thought so.


    Mrs. B said...

    You just WRITING that blog about what you want to accomplish is WAY more than I've done on my week's vacation. I had great aspirations of painting the bedrooms and deep cleaning and changing the bed rooms around to accommodate the not yet conceived Penelope McBung. (ROTF)

    Here's what I've REALLY done:

    1. Only gotten out of sweatpants put on jeans to go to the movies. (By the way Juno is a really good movie!)

    2. Ate and entire box of cereal.

    3. Got my Warrior up to Level 25 on Puzzle Quest.

    4. Had sex every day.

    And now I only have 1 day of my sweet, sweet vacation left before I go back to work so I know all I'm going to do tomorrow is mope around about having to go back to work!

    p.s. The flaxseed pancakes are pretty good! My sugar free syrup was past the date so I had to use the regular stuff so it just pretty much canceled out any nutritional value what-so-ever...but they were good!

    Anonymous said...

    Good way to start the new year. You're only 1/24th of the way through, so lots of time to jump on your list!

    I see Soduko and the NY Times crossword puzzle in your future... just don't make me do them with you!


    Deb said...

    YAY!! More blogging!!!