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    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    Sunday Blog

    Just your basic generic catch-up blog around here again.

    Driving about 2.5 hrs tomorrow to sing for at a dear, dear friend's grandmother's funeral - hugs to you, E, and I'll see you soon. Love you.

    Raked leaves today. Kids had fun, grown-ups got mostly tired. Pics of kids in leaves to follow.

    Eating crap. Hope to change that again soon.

    Still need to give up soda. Stay tuned.

    Still pondering changes in my life and trying to decide which ones are most important to tackle first.

    Still behind on laundry.

    Kids are fine, Greg and I are fine, dogs are fine.

    Thank you for reading the most vanilla, no, unflavored blog post in the history of cyberspace. Please check back soon for something with any flavor whatsoever.

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